Blasphemy Harness


The Blasphemy is my take on the pentagram harness. Consisting of 5 interlaced pentagram straps in the front, it has adjustable buckles on each side to make sure your inverted cross is always centered. Features my own custom designed cross buckle and corner rings made in bronze that have been scorched in fire to achieve that rustic church metal look.

Since this product contains a custom crafted buckle, it needs 2 weeks to ship.

• 100% genuine leather
• Vegan leather alternative (Optional)
• 3/4 inch wide straps
• Made in Chicago
• Custom designed and crafted metal buckles
• Hand crafted and hand stitched
• Satin finish
• Can be customized for a more exact fit.
• Adjust straps up to 5 inches.
• Neck fits 12"-16"
• Bust fits 30"-34"
• Underbust fits 26"-30"

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