Natural Wood Pet Coffin


I know losing a pet is hard; they are sometimes the closest member of our family. You shouldn't be taken advantage of trying to give your loved one a proper funeral. That's why I'm compelled to offer an inexpensive wood coffin. Coffins are made with unstained, unfinished wood (your choice of pine or poplar), and held together with environmentally safe wood glue. The lid is secured with 6 bolts. This natural wood coffin will safely return your pet, and itself, to the earth leaving no contamination to the soil. I am offering these coffins as inexpensively as I can, but I am willing to work with you if you send me a message.

*Cost is based on an internal dimension of 20 x 10 x 5, which will slightly fluctuate if a smaller or larger coffin is preferred. Please message me.

**Coffin pictured is made of poplar.

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